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Deeks’ Little Mermaids

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The thing is…Skye doesn’t think she’s snapped. But she also knows that Fitz isn’t the only one who’s seeing Jemma. She can’t bring herself to tell the others though; not if there’s the possibility that she does and that takes her Jemma away. None of this would actually be happening if only Jemma, the real Jemma, would just answer her calls…

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This show was seriously the funniest.

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Someone-elsies: when someone else takes a picture of you.

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Friends that crash goodbye
                     your soul will c h a n g e the future.
                                    And that’s where the beauty in death resides.

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Liu believes that television “gives you the opportunity to have roles that are written for women that are in a wider spectrum than in film”. She certainly broke the casting stereotypes, both in terms of gender and race, when she took on the traditionally male, traditionally white, role of Dr. Watson. While Liu thinks that the industry has definitely opened up for Asian actors compared to when she started, she stresses that “It’s still a struggle. The bridge for that is not wide as it should be.”

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